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I am in utter despair about the badger cull. A project that dooms thousands of badgers to death and just because there is some crazy idea, totally unsupported by scientific study that it will help reduce bovine TB in cattle.

The research actually indicates that the only way to reduce bovine TB is to kill ALL the badgers in the areas where the pilot is happening. There is no way this can be achieved and the badgers from the remaining sets, with their broken families will wander further! There have not been sufficient measures introduced to stop cattle to cattle transmission and there are vaccines that COULD be invested in. TB occurs in a number of other species of wildlife including foxes!

I'm not against culling animals if there is a proven benefit, I am against a random massacre of our beautiful wildlife because for what ...political gain? What a sad state of affairs.

If you are a wildlife lover and want to help save these beautiful wild animals, please sign the petition and urge the government to stop this absolute madness.

Please follow this link to sign the petition
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