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Please help struggling to bond with Rocky

Discussion in 'Bird Chat' started by JanieQ, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. JanieQ

    JanieQ PetForums Newbie

    Jul 10, 2015
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    Hi, my name is Jane and I'm new to the forum, I am also new to owning a Budgie. I bought my little Rocky who was about 12 weeks old at the time, from a breeder, around mid February and was advised by the breeder that he is hand tamed.

    However it's nearly two months since bringing him home and I have to admit I'm struggling. Rocky is not frightened of either myself or my other half and will step up onto our hand and is quite comfortable, albeit on his terms. However that's pretty much it, he refuses to come out of his cage, and the advise given by the breeder is to lift him out of his cage, which, to me, feels like the wrong thing to do. Also, when we bought him the breeder had clipped his wings which is not something Im going to continue with, so I can imagine it could have been quite daunting for him as his flight at first was not brilliant, I would, also, rather him to want come out on his own accord. I have previously followed the advise of the breeder and when he is out he his happy to sit with us, but, recently, I'm afraid he is getting worse as he has realised where his cage door is and just flies back in, his flight has improved and is quite good.

    The routine we have with him is that during the day we place him near the window (draught free) we have a large garden with plenty of wild bird activity to keep him entertained, and in the evening he is moved to a different area of the room away from the window. I'm now thinking maybe the window wasn't such a good idea, but I just want him happy, but by doing this maybe it's preventing him bonding with us. Please could someone advise me I desperately want to bond with him and I feel he is drifting further away, I've tried to hand feed him, which is disastrous it's like he doesn't know it's his food, I've talked to him and he does sometimes show interest, I've also placed various toys in his cage but he doesn't have much to do with them occasionally he chatters to his mirror. I have tried a bird bath and same again shows very little interest it's almost as if he has no idea what it is. I'm so sorry for the long question but I'm desperate please can someone help me on how I can bond with Rocky so we have a happy Budgie who will be happy in our company and play with his toys.

    Thank you so much
  2. sadia mohammad

    sadia mohammad PetForums Newbie

    May 2, 2018
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    Hi Jane, I don't have experience with buggies but have some experience with cockatiels. To build a bond with your bird it's important that you spend as much time as possible with him, stroke his head, sing to him and talk to him on daily basis... If you have only one bird than they expect you to be their flock. In my experience, if you have one bird than you have to spend a lot of time with him, to build a bond, but if you have two, at least they are not alone at any time.
    Do a bit more than just putting a toy in the cage, play with the toy with your bird, they like bells...etc Ita again all about spending quality time with the bird...
    Mirrors are not healthy as the bird think its another bird and can play with their hormones.
    Have you considered buying him another friend? They are flocking birds and they love being around their own kind...
    I hope this is helpful!
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