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Play becoming rougher, is this normal?

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Jemymah, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Jemymah

    Jemymah PetForums Member

    Dec 16, 2017
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    Back again for more advice! I'm fretting at usual.
    Whilst we are at work our friend looks after Casey. Casey is always happy to arrive and seems to enjoy our friends dog's company.
    However recently they are playing a lot rougher - according to our friends partner who was surprised by how rough their dog was being with Casey.
    Not sure if it's because Casey is getting older (now 14mths, she's known him since she arrived with us at 6mths old) or if it's something that may be becoming an issue?
    There's about a 6kg weight difference, Casey is smaller but my friend says that she is the nippier of the two. Her own dog will wrestle, pin and mouth but not actually nip.
    I'm thinking Casey is nipping because she's being pinned?
    I'm also thinking that they may be spending too long together over a week? They do spend most days in the flat with only going outside for toilet breaks. Our friend does encourage them to take frequent naps throughout the day.
    What do you think? Am I worrying over nothing? I'm considering trying another daycare and splitting the week between there and my friend.
    We're not at the stage where we could leave Casey at home with a dog walker visit. So daycare is necessary. We've just got to the stage where either me or my husband can leave home without Casey becoming distressed. Haven't tried leaving her alone herself yet. But she can now stay in a room by herself for a few minutes. And will sometimes choose to sleep in the hallway with our door open on her own at night for a few hours.
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  2. MissSpitzMum

    MissSpitzMum PetForums Senior

    Dec 4, 2017
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    Do they spend the days indoors together?

    I can imagine them being excited to see each other, in a small space with little else in the way of stimulation, can cause them to play a bit too hard. All that excitement has to go somewhere, and if they were outside together they would be sprinting around.
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  3. Jamesgoeswalkies

    Jamesgoeswalkies PetForums VIP

    May 8, 2014
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    I think their escalation may be due to a number of things - if Casey isn't getting any chance to let off steam outdoors as the poster above says (where they may simply run around together or even have some time apart to sniff around) then that energy is going to have to be expressed somehow and rough play is a way of letting off steam. However it can also become a habit that the dogs can find hard to stop.

    Whoever you use for Day Care should understand the necessity for a good routine which should include some play together, some play on their own, and some quiet time - just like we would at home. Too much play is exhausting for dogs and will most probably increase their excitement.

    I monitor rough place very closely with mine as I have six - the youngest of the gang at 8 months is only just learning self control so i help her and teach her when to stop and come away before it gets too rough. Then it's a few moments time out or time for her to play on her own.

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  4. Leanne77

    Leanne77 PetForums VIP

    Oct 18, 2011
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    My view is tainted somewhat because I dont really let my dogs play with each other, and they dont play with other dogs. I would certainly be suggesting play is stopped before it gets to the point of being rough. Practicing this kind of behaviour on other dogs isnt ideal as they could make the mistake of thinking all dogs play like that, and get seriously told off, or it could escalate into something more.

    Without actually seeing the dogs it's difficult to comment on. Is the other dog getting rougher because signals that it doesnt want to play any more or isnt enjoying it fully are being ignored by the OP's dog?
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  5. Jemymah

    Jemymah PetForums Member

    Dec 16, 2017
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    They do spend most days inside the flat, except for toilet breaks. So they are together in one room all day (supervised).
    Our friend is hoping to move soon to a house with garden but from what she says the plan for the new place is that the two dogs will be out in the garden unsupervised and that makes me nervous. I have another daycare lined up if this is the case as I would prefer Casey to be supervised. She's too young and far too busy to be left to her own devices!
    This morning when dropping Casey off I made a point of watching carefully and the other dog jumps Casey as soon as she arrives. She was trying to have a sniff about and he was trying to wrestle. I lured him away to give her a chance to settle but as soon as I went to leave he bounced on her.
    The other dog loves having Casey around and on the mornings that she doesn't go to his (weekends etc) our friend says he sits at the top of the stairs and waits for her to arrive :(
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