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Pet ducks - Law or requirements?

Discussion in 'Poultry Chat' started by FreddyGecks, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. FreddyGecks

    FreddyGecks PetForums Newbie

    Apr 25, 2018
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    I'm looking at buying my mum two Ducks, this might be stupid questions and I also I don't know if the deeds for my mother house allows livestock. I've done a little bit of looking around online and I'm struggling to understand what possible documents or what I might need to do to allow ducks to owned on my mum's property, I don't want to break any laws or anything.

    I can only find information regarding farming and we are looking to own them as pets and only two of them, we have a large garden and a medium size man made pond so we have plenty of space for them and it's been my mum's dream for years. My uncle owns chickens and that so we know the basics what is required for caring for poultry.

    If anyone could help me out with the information or who I need to speak to about what the documentation and laws regarding keeping two pet ducks, who I might need to speak in regardless of getting permission for it, where we stand with owning two pet ducks etc. that would be hugely appreciated.

  2. AnnC

    AnnC PetForums Member

    Apr 18, 2009
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    Hi Beth
    I think I can helkp you. Firstly there are no laws specific to keeping ducks. As for restrictions to your mums property only checking the deeds will answer that one completely, but as a general rule, particuarly older properties dont have restrictions on them.
    Right here comes some nitty gritty about ducks, neighbours and most of all, mess.
    Ducks are damn messy creatures and can be quite noisy depending on what breed you have. Call ducks are by their very name very noisy, small but the females have big voices and have no problem using them. How will your mums neighbours feel about that?
    Mess, oh boy if you want a mud bath, get a few ducks, they'll turn even a large field into a swamp in no time at all, which is why I got rid of mine. They are heavier on the land, particuarly in winter than geese, who just graze the land rather than churning it up with their bills as ducks do.
    If your mum lives in a housing estate with very close neighbours I doubt they'll be very pleased about the ducks and may call in the council, regarding noise, smell [they are not the sweetest smelling creatures] and with live stock brings rats and soon they'll be looking for easy pickings and ducks are just that
    If she's got a massive pond and lots of land, can provide either an island in the middle of the pond or a safe lockable housing for the ducks and no near neighbours great go for it. Plenty of books on the subject, this one is written by former poultry club of GB chairman Mike Ashton https://www.amazon.co.uk/Keeping-Du...&qid=1534111697&sr=8-2&keywords=keeping+ducks
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