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Pet Care Tips When You Are Not In Town

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Mabel2, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Mabel2

    Mabel2 PetForums Newbie

    Jan 7, 2015
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    If you are going out of the town for vacation or any official tour and leaving your pet behind then you should care for them by being given simple tips to manage your stress related to your pet and their health in your absence.

    I know it’s hard to leave your darling pooch behind and go out of the town as it brings worries regarding your pet health such as who will manage feed and take care of him. When alone, even pets also miss their owners and run out in search of their masters and get sad when the owners are not seen and these things are equally horrifying for the caretaker as well.

    5 Accepted Pet Care Tips When You Are Not Around

    Before you plan your outings or any tour, make sure that you have all the essential pet care things in their first-aid kit. This kit should include their toys, medications, flea control products, flea comb, bathing accessories and grooming products. This will help the one who is going to take care of your pet during your absence..


    Make sure you are giving your pet a good trade of stay-at-home pet-sitting duties or your friend, family or colleague. This will relax you in thinking about their safety.


    Buy dog cage which will help them to stay indoors with all comforts. Make sure that your pet is wearing an updated ID card with all information about you with updated phone numbers. Also add an address and contact details of a vet, your friend on the ID card in case they run out or meet with an accident.


    Do not get stressed while saying bye to pets. Keep it short and sweet so that your pets won’t feel that you are leaving them. To say goodbye by hugging him tightly will give your pet a sense that you will not be around him for some time so be relaxed and leave your animal in a relaxed mood.


    If you think that the pet is going to miss you badly then drop your old T-shirt for them, leave behind some favorite treats, toys to give them comfort.

    Follow these simple tips and make sure that your four legged companion is safe and happy till you come back. It is also essential to stay in touch with the pet caretaker to keep updated on his health and other aspects. .

    After you come back, take your pet to a veterinarian and do regular check-ups to know about its health. These things will ensure greater health for your pet even if you are not around.
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