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Can't let Bess off the lead at the moment as she has the devil in her and will just run. So took her over the farmland walk on the flexi.

Well first of all there were tractors in every field - each with a flock of seagulls behind them! I very nearly ended up chasing them myself as Bess shot over. I managed to get her sort of under control and we carried on up the path.

Came to the point where you are supposed to follow the path across a field, but the path's benn ploughed up and I couldn't see where it went. But there was a tempting wide grassy set aside round the other side of the wood which I knew would bring me back round to the path again. Armed with my excuse of 'sorry gov, I couldn't see where the path went'. Bess and I set off down it. A tractor came close, but no one said anything.

Bess started to get a bit excited, and then suddenly I saw dozens of young partridges. They were rearing them in the wood, and they were in the field, all over the path .... I had Bess's collar up round her ears and she was walking on hind legs as I tried to get her past.

We made it, and slowly she calmed down.

Headed home along the road and every few steps there seemed to be a pheasant in the hedgerow which she'd flush out and try to chase. She got really over excited, and practicing heel work went totally out of the window.

I was relieved to make it home! I think my arms are an inch or two longer now. :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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