Palliative care. :(

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    My old girl Indigo had been losing weight recently so I was supplementing her food, with extra soft treats & home made "soup" which worked at first & she put on a noticeable amount of weight. Yesterday evening though she barely ate, & what she did eat was all fed by hand & syringe.

    This morning she ate a bit more, but not nearly enough & she was feeling very thin & boney, so off to the vet we went. She's lost loads of weight since her last visit in September, & the vet can feel lumps on her liver. It's most likely tumors, but we decided she's too frail for X-rays etc. She's had a steroid injection today & has preds tablets to start tomorrow. We'll take it day by day, & she has another appointment booked in a couple of weeks, assuming the medicine has helped improve her appetite & quality of life by then...

    I also got a new sachet of the convalescent support powder which she still loves... There's more on the way from Amazon but it seems to have been delayed, annoyingly.

    Here she is cuddling in one of her favorite spots. This morning she crawled right into my dressing gown & settled at my side!