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Over excited bunny jumping on the bed at night - help please!

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by jds_, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. jds_

    jds_ PetForums Newbie

    Apr 30, 2019
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    I’ve had my bunny Theo for almost two months now, having adopted him from a shelter when he was 5 months old (he didn’t get on with other rabbits - but I am hoping to get him a companion in the future after he has been neutered). So far everything has been going really well, he is really affectionate and sweet. He initially lived in a pen, but over time he has been given more space, and now he lives completely free roam, primarily in my bedroom (the door is only shut if I have to go out and at nighttime).

    The problem I am having started almost two weeks ago. Theo had never really gone on my bed before, however I left a box out which he used as a step to jump up onto my bed, I didn’t really mind as he was very well behaved and didn’t wee or poo on my bed. However at night he was a little excitable and made it hard to get to sleep, running around on my bed and nibbling my hair, so I moved the box away and popped him on the floor. Turns out now he realised he could go up there, he was able to just jump up and didn’t need the step at all! It took a few goes of placing him on the floor after he came up for him to get the message to stay on the floor so that I could get some sleep. For the past week we have managed this way okay, if he did jump up it was usually the foot end of my bed so not too much of a problem, although I still tried to discourage him (both at night and during the day so as not to confuse him).

    However the last two nights have been a nightmare, he has been running across the room full pelt and jumping up, not to the end of the bed but directly onto my face, it feels as if he is aiming for it! Other than this he hasn’t showed any signs of aggression, I think he has just worked out that landing on my face is the fastest way to wake me up! Last night I got barely more than 30consecutive minutes of sleep - I’m a fifth year medical student revising for exams in two weeks so I really need to be well rested at the moment! He also got me in the eye with a claw, which hasn’t done any real damage but was quite sore!

    I tried putting his pen back up in the middle of the night however he seems to be able to jump over that now, and I can’t put him in another room as my flatmate doesn’t want him in the main living room.
    I’m not really sure what else to try other than buying a cage for him, but I would really rather not as I don’t like the idea of that. Has anyone else had any similar problems or have any suggestions?

    One last thing - he is getting neutered (finally!) this Friday, do you think this will help at all?

    Thanks in advance!

    A very tired bunny mummy x
  2. bunnygeek

    bunnygeek PetForums VIP

    Jul 24, 2018
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    I'm afraid he's just being a normal youthful young bunny! They are naturally very energetic in the very early morning, evenings and during the night which is why bedrooms aren't the ideal spot for them. When my two were indoors in the spare room next door to our bedroom, they'd still manage to wake us up at 3-4am doing laps of their room and bouncing off the walls, or chewing the skirting boards, or running up the landing to chew on our bedroom door.

    They're 2 years old and neutered so I'm afraid he won't grow out of this for some time yet! My previous pair were 12-13 years old when they were in the same bedroom and much quieter, because they were elderly and doddery old things.

    My pair now have an outdoor predator-proof palace, a shed and aviary, where they can rampage to their heart's content. I do worry about my girl's very loud nocturnal thumpings might wake the neighbours but no complaints yet. She's mainly thumping for attention and snacks because she's a demanding little madam like that.

    I'm afraid the only solution is to find another place in your home for him that isn't your bedroom. A cage won't fix the problem as he'll still have the same level of energy, just confined to a much smaller and very frustrating space so he's likely to kick off rattling the bars, chewing and thumping the song of his people.
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