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Hello guys,

I have a packet of Mega Banana biscuits for dogs from the Organic Pet Company. The last of this batch, I'm seling it half price (£0.75) as the best before date on it is May 2010.
You can view it here:
Organic Minis Plus with Mega Banana - Just The Dog

I also have a bottle of Kong Stuffing Breath paste, great for smearing it in/on Kong toys to occupy doggies.
The date on this is 13/05/2010, hence half price (£3.49).
You can view it here:
Kong Stuff'n Paste Breath - Just The Dog

Also, we have the ever-popular Kong biscuits in stock, check them out!

By the way, you can now join our Facebook (just created it) and Twitter pages through the link on our hompage!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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