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Opinions on what to do re exams...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by GoldenShadow, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. GoldenShadow

    GoldenShadow PetForums VIP

    Jun 15, 2009
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    I'm in for three, BIOL2 on June 8th, BIOL4 June 16th and BIOL5 June 25th.

    I will go into the ins and outs if anyone wants to know more, but if you thought sitting other exams which are less important was actually going to hamper the bigger and most important exam of all, would you sit them?

    BIOL5 is the biggie, the other two less so...

    I need a C overall as I've got an A* and an A at LEAST in my other two A Levels but as you can see Biology is no longer my forte.

    If I sit only the biggie exam (BIOL5 on June 25th) and get an E in it, then I still get a C overall, but a bit worried sitting the other two will be detrimental to the big exam which could prevent me getting a C overall...Sitting the less important ones could help if the coursework marks are knocked down, but I think they are more likely to do damage than to do benefit as I don't think I can improve my grades = I've wasted my time on them.
  2. owieprone

    owieprone PetForums VIP

    Nov 6, 2008
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    is this for high school?

    I assume each exam is on a different subject?

    Now this is just me speaking so feel free to disregard and assuming it's a bio based job/degree you want to do in the future:

    but if you find this arrangement of exams difficult to handle, you might want to retink what you do in the future. Uni exams are far more stressful and you're expected to know more. I would just study to the best of your ability and sit all exams, I assume you have the ability to resit, if not you can always up your abilities by doing a college course before going to uni and then doing a course that means you don't have to do first year of uni (and go straight into second year, the uni's you want to go to will tell you which courses they will accept for this option).

    Not sitting exams is NEVER a good option, you might fluff the big exam up or whatever, the best thing to do is to study and go to the exams. you should know most of this stuff by now anyway it's your course work just worded differently, studying is merely meant to help you reinforce the knowledge you already have.

    On the other foot, remember i don't know you at all so just going over all options...

    if you've been slacking off and not studying or doing the course work at the last minute etc.. again, re-think what you want to do in the future.. uni is too expensive to get nothing out of. again study what you can, even if you get the basics of the breadth of the course down but no intimate details you will still be able to answer most questions and get some marks... study the areas you know really well for the indepth questions and hopefully high mark questions if they come up...


    if by the day before your exam you don't know something... don't worry about it, have a RELAXING day doing basic studying, don't try and learn something new as it will stick in your head and can mean you forget other things, or you'll get it wrong.
    Don't stand and try to remember things while you're waiting to go into the exam.. you'll only get yourself worked up..don't take your notes with you.. if you don't remember it by then there's no point trying to remember it the 5 mins you have before you sit down is there? you'll just work yourself up..

    You have resits to fall back on or college.. it's not the end of the world but do your best don't let anyone elses pre exam jitters get to you..if you've done what you can in the time you've got left, whether you've been slacking or not.. just do the best you can do and see what happens.

    you have plenty of time between exams to study up, even if you have other exams in between, you need to study for each exam LIGHTLY the day before.. all you're proper boning up should have been done at the beginning of the exam season, during exam weeks you should just be compressing your notes and checking your facts and figures.

    get a study table going, even tho they're quite close you'd be surprised how much weight that takes off your shoulders if you know what you're doing when, get some exercise times (walk/gym), breaks etc (if you do structured breaks, i personally don't) in, don't just study with no stopping you'll burn yourself out and do yourself no favours.

    stick to the plan, don't panic, it's not the end of the world if you do do badly (i personally think you're just panicking and will do better than you think you will). there are plenty of after exam options open to you to better your chances of that dream job later on.

    remember you can fanny about and play xbox after your exams and during the holidays. You're education is more important than most kids grasp, me and most of my mates always say "had i known what i know now... i'd have worked harder at [insert fav subject here]" trust me it's almost always true!

    The harder you concentrate and work at school/college/uni, the less you have to moan about and more options are open to you when looking for a job!
  3. GoldenShadow

    GoldenShadow PetForums VIP

    Jun 15, 2009
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    What I want to do has no relevance to biology (its a business management degree which is what the A* A or potentially A*A* are in and these are A Levels), I wouldn't dream of studying any subject I couldn't get at least an A in because I doubt it would be worth it, ie. why do biology when I'm better at business, its a waste.

    I don't slack, not properly. Never have never will. I don't do games consoles the Wii hasn't had a go on since about New Years I'm more an outsidey person but I've been inside with books most of the time (sunlight reflecting off white pages HURTS lol!).

    My school are very much into having a great reputation and so to keep them happy I entered for the two resits, but I am currently averaging a high C so I'm perfectly on target for what I need even if I don't sit either of the resits and just the big one. Its more is it really worth the time when I could better my result on the biggie (has an essay question worth 1/4 of the marks which is quite a lot for biology as the biggest questions in any other papers were 6 marks, this is out of 25).

    The three exams are all biology but differing units and for the synoptic essay it could be on anything in the whole of the 2 year syllabus so I feel I would probably benefit by spending extra time for one of the resits revising past unit exams slightly more.

    Up until May 1st I had been doing coursework day and night literally from 8.15am until 3am in the morning for about 6 weeks having the odd lazy day where I just worked in school hours (8.15-3.40pm). I haven't had proper time off since last summer when I quit my job and had a week of nothing, since then it has been constant coursework and revision its just more which is going to be the best way forward for now. I didn't leave the coursework til last minute either, I had four 30,000 word pieces of work to do from Feb 1st til May 1st, we had a basic draft for one but the teachers wouldn't mark it so in the end it was focusing on exams from Sept-Feb1st when they finished which paid off as I did well in those.

    I used to manage exams fine, my time management is fine. On my university application forms I had to apply with a disability of a personality disorder secondary to life events. Basically this is why I'm stuck on a C in Biology, GCSE's were a struggle and the first year of A Levels were a bit of a battle but the Business was easier for me to get my head around than the Biology, which is why the Business has come out fine and its the Biology on a lower grade.

    Currently even a small problem amounts to being the end of the world and I really can't cope with it. This is why I'm wondering if just going for the big exam is my best option. I feel I can always do better and I could revise more, ie. I go out with a friend for 2.5 hours a couple times a week with her and her horse to get out and instead I could stay in and revise, some will say I should use that time for revision instead of a bit of time outside and I end up feeling bad if I do go for a bike ride or something just because I could have revised, when to be honest it is unlikely any revision would have sunk in, but I still feel bad.

    I try my best, always have always will, just wonder if with my coping or lack of, mechanisms, I might be best trying to focus on the one big exam instead of getting in a state about the other exams in the lead up to the big one...

    I don't like to use excuses for why I don't get the grade in Biology which I should; I'm not like that. Just really not sure which my best option is right now, think I'm more concerned of the likely hood to get in a state over the two smaller ones more so than the big one, I could really mess up and I wont go back for another year, if I mess up then I have to live with that as I wont go back.

    Thanks for the reply :)
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