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So having got black printer ink all over my hands, I decided to take Bess for our afternoon walk. She got herself caught round some brambles, and in getting her free a bramble sprung back and caught the back of my hand. Only a small scratch, but I swore a bit.

So then we carried on, walking round the edge of a field. I felt something sticky on my other hand, and looked down and there was blood all over it. I was looking down to see where the blood was coming from where a rabbit decided to run out from the undergrowth right in front of Bess. Who shot off like a house on fire! I wasn't able to brace myself, but I had a death like grip on the flexi lead (I'm never going to let that go!). Bess got to the end and it gave me such a jolt I'm sure I'll end up with whiplash. Bess, off course, was totally unaffected, and just carried on straining to get the rabbit which had reached the other side of the field by this time.

So then we carried on, and reached a field of grass which I've been walking round on and off for 18 years. There is never anything on it. As I was walking round a woman came over and told me off, pointing out the footpath was down one side of the field only. She was nice about it and explained they sometimes had caravans on the field! Well, in 18 years I've never seen them so it can't be very often! I can't understand why they can't let dogs walk round it! But it's never nice to be told off, is it? Puts a sour note on the walk.

Why do things always happen at once?

Oh, and where was that blood coming from? The tiny little scratch on the back of my finger! :)
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