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One more question... morning routine issues

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Lizz1155, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Lizz1155

    Lizz1155 PetForums VIP

    Jun 16, 2013
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    Since I've had the pup (so about 3 months now) he can hear the moment I wake up in the morning, and begins to whine in his crate at this point. I actually do mean the moment I wake up - I think he hears me turn over in bed. Even though my parents are usually up before me, he does not whine or woof at them. (I'm up around 8 - 8.15am, and I am thankful that he at least waits until I'm awake. )

    His whining increases as I get dressed (2 minutes), and is more of a woof by the time I get down the stairs to see him. Since he has slept through the night, I take him out of his crate (even though he's whining) so that he can go to the toilet - I figure he must be desperate, hence the quick dressing and lack of teeth brushing and hair brushing on my part.

    After he comes back in from the garden, I go and finish getting ready. However when I leave him (wandering around the dining room, uncrated) to go prep his breakfast/brush my teeth and hair, he barks a lot. This is the bit which is the real problem - he absolutely yaps his head off when I go out of the room. (He does this in the morning and around 5-6pm, all other times of day he's fine with me leaving the room. If he's tired enough I can crate him and leave him for a nap without any whining). So I try and get ready really quickly for his morning walk (since if he's tired from walking he does not bark). I'm really starting to miss being able to brush my teeth in peace, before leaving the house.

    So far I've tried - giving him filled kongs and other things to chew; cuddly toys, letting him run around the garden and then bringing him in; leaving the door open so he can run around the garden whilst I get ready; ignoring him until after he has gone to the toilet; ignoring him when he woofs; closing the dining room door with him on the wrong side, as a time-out. And clicking-and-treating when he shushes. It's all a bit much first thing in the morning.

    Any ideas please? He's not particularly food-orientated unless it's something that's really delicious and he's hungry - kibble in kongs does nothing for him. Either a way to keep him occupied, or something I can do at home to wear him out in about 10-15 minutes? (Fetch doesn't tire him, at the moment he's losing teeth so tug-of-war is a bit of a no-go, he's really good at "find it" so I'm running out of places to hide things...)

    The irony is, when he was on 6am toilet breaks for housetraining, I used to be able to re-crate him and go back to bed for a decent lie-in without him whining at all; he'd willingly walk back into his crate and settle without even a treat involved.
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