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Well I hope it was where you are, but it was beautiful here. Sun shining, not a lot of wind.

Met a few dogs on our walk today. Bess was doing her usual up on hind legs trying to get to the people, so two couples commented about her being young. Which of course meant I asked how old their dogs were. One couple had a retriever. He looked pretty old to me. Turns out he was an overweight two. :rolleyes:

The next couple had a pointer type dog that looked in tip top condition. Really nice sporty figure if you know what I mean. Bouncing Bess tried to say 'hello', but got a quick snarl in return. The chap apologised and said she's a bit too old to play with a youngster. Turns out the dog was 14 - i honestly could not believe it. The dog, and its elderly owners all walked away with a spring in their steps. Looking at the way the dog moved there was nothing to show her age.

The chap had greeted me with a sentence that made more sense after the rest of the conversation. He'd commented on it being a lovely day, and then added, 'One for the memory banks I think!'

I think anyone with an ageing dog would understand.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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