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Not himself

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by SilverCat285, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. SilverCat285

    SilverCat285 PetForums Member

    Jul 25, 2013
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    Harley had his 2nd vac tonight. And he was ok when he first came in. After about an hour he started to sleep and he's been sleeping on and off since, which is unusual he's always bouncing around. He's also licking his lips a lot and I seen him gag a few times. He's meowing/crying when I pick him up, which he doesn't usually do.

    Is this normal? It's been 3/4 years since Pepsi got his first set and I can't remember how he was. I'm starting to get really worried as I've heard of kittens having bad reactions and dying..

    Oh and his first vaccination was purevax but the vet gave him nobivac for his 2nd, could this cause problems?
  2. moggiemum

    moggiemum PetForums VIP

    Mar 28, 2013
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    sorry cant advise, id give vets a ring just to be on safe side, bumping to get seen on here,best wishes
  3. sarahecp

    sarahecp Crazy Cat Lady of Bucks

    Aug 22, 2011
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    Seb had his first vaccinations before I brought him home, I took him for his second jabs, he was sleepy on and off all day, my vet told me he will probably be sleepy. He was back to his usual self the following day.

    I'm sure Harley will be fine, but if you're worried give your vets a call to be on the safe side.

    Let us know how he is today.
  4. Cheryl89

    Jun 24, 2013
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    I'll echo Sarah, as been through this many times - Second jab always worse and makes them very sleepy! x
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