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Northwest places to ride

Discussion in 'Horse Riding and Training' started by emmaluvsmango, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. emmaluvsmango

    emmaluvsmango PetForums Junior

    Jul 10, 2008
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    Hi everyone, my boys turning 4 next month and im ready to start taking him out for the day in the next few months. We live near wigan (bewtween manchester and liverpool), I would like to find places within an hours drive, and Im looking for rides around 2 hours to begin with, as I know he can manage this comfortably if I keep him slow and steady.

    Any information about rides in the area would be greatly appreciated, even if they are longer rides or a bit further away, i can put them on my list for next year :)

    Sometimes I will be riding with a friend and her cob and other times I will be riding with my partner , he doesnt horse ride so will be cycling the route, so if you know of a ride which is particulally suitable for cycling aswell that would be great, he's pretty fit and does the black routes at the forests, but obviously we arent going to get far in boggy grass lol.

    My bobs doing so well now, weve just been to trec training last weekend, his first time in the box with another horse, and in a paddock with other horses, going back in may to do a mini mock competition, love my boy so very much!

    If anybody has any rides planned in the area and would like some company, let us know :)

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  2. bluegirl

    bluegirl PetForums Senior

    May 7, 2012
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    What about Rivington pike, I see riders over there?
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