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Non-stop puppy crying when left

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Cupcake91, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Cupcake91

    Cupcake91 PetForums Newbie

    Jul 15, 2019
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    My 10 week old goldendoodle has been with us five nights and sleeps soundly under our bed (doesn’t whine when he needs the loo either so we just get up and take him out every few hours) but if we leave him not with us at all he starts whining and just gets louder and louder (daytime and nighttime).
    We have a crate and puppy pen in our kitchen with toys and blanket and newspaper etc. where we want him to sleep. During the day he goes in and out happily and plays and eats in there but immediately whines if he is in the pen without us even in the same room with distractions (e.g stuffed Kong). We don’t reward this so wait for quiet moments but they are very rare and last night when we left him in there for the first time (rather than our room) he never settled at all, I think five minutes was the longest stretch and he was being incredibly loud to the point that we worried about our neighbours and him exhausting himself too much and so waited for a quiet point and let him in our room again.
    He doesn’t seem to ‘cry it out’ so we don’t know if it cruel to leave him or not. We had alarms set for every 2.5 hours anyway but want him to get better not worse! We play with him and let him go to the loo and he is h tired when he goes to sleep but whines as sons as he is left regardless of time of day or length of time.
    Are we right to keep trying to leave him through the night except for regular loo breaks even though he’s not settling at all?
    Any tips really appreciated I am so sleep deprived and anxious as he’s otherwise wonderful!!
  2. JoanneF

    JoanneF PetForums VIP

    Feb 1, 2016
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    He has just left his mum and littermates so it's to be expected that he is anxious when alone. I'm not keen on leaving pups to cry it out - the ones that stop crying ften don't do it because they realise everything is ok, they do it because they have given up - but the underlying anxiety is still simmering. He needs your reassurance that he is safe, and that in turn will build his confidence.

    That said, you will need to teach him some independence. But do it slowly.
    Get him used to you walking out of the room then immediately back in again, preferably when he is occupied with something like a Kong. Try to make no fuss, you don't want to prepare him into thinking "oh no this means they are going out" - the aim is for him to barely register you coming and going - ideally for him to have a 'oh, you're back, I didn't notice you leave' reaction. Crucially, return BEFORE he gets anxious. Very, very gradually build up time. This will be hard work but put the work in now and it will pay off later. If he gets distressed though you have gone too fast, and created anxiety and that is not what you want.

    You can also reward independent behaviour - praise when your dog is not actively engaged with you, which is actually quite hard to remember to do because we sort of don't notice when it happens!

    You might find an Adaptil product helpful too.
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