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newbie looking for a home!!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by roselucy, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. roselucy

    roselucy PetForums Newbie

    Aug 23, 2013
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    Hi guys were looking to move back to the uk from ireland but in finding it very hard finding somewhere to rebt that allows pets. During our time in ireland we have aquired a beautiful black Lab whom we have from a pup and a cranky but quirky rescue dog in th form of a jack russel and the boss of them all is our cat . Along with them we also have two children to throw into the mix haha one big happy family ... But im moving back in jan and the cost that estate agents are charging seem exhorberent just for having our pets Im looking around chatteris or similar type areas and though there are loads of propertysnone want dogs :frown5: im kinda at a loss now if anyone knows were i can look any advice would be great x
    cheers guys :001_rolleyes:
  2. j4nfr4n

    j4nfr4n PetForums VIP

    Mar 10, 2013
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    Hi welcome to the forum :)
    Hope you have luck with a home:D
  3. Knightofalbion

    Knightofalbion PetForums VIP

    Jul 3, 2012
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    A very warm welcome to the forum.

    Good luck with your 'new' life. Hope you find the perfect, happy home.
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