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New puppy and her habbits!

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by zeitah, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. zeitah

    zeitah PetForums Newbie

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Im new here....a new puppy owner infact :D

    I already have two house bunnies, Jenson a little boy and Jakana or Jaks as we call her, our little girl...and the newest member of our family is Stella...our 9 week old cockapoo :p

    Stella came to us on saturday after a long drive to collect her...we were very lucky on the two hour drive home, she sat on my knee and wasn't sick. We stopped half way for a rest at a services and she had a wee on the grass! yay no messing!

    She's been quite good as I guess we are still all getting used to each other.. we are crate training her along side toilet training.... she took to the crate really well and straight away... we have placed it in our sitting room in a corner so it fits in well and shes around us. She often just gets in it when she is sleepy. For the first night we slept downstairs with her so she had some confort being away from her litter and she was fine. Second night we went to bed and she woke up once for toilet, cried for about 20 mins when put back in crate and then last night went into crate no crying and slept for 8 hours without asking for toilet!! :crazy: :)

    we are trying to get her to toilet outside...she has plenty outdoor garden time for wee and poo and only has maybe once or two accidents a day in house but its still early days!

    I am however having a few problems and hope that you experts can help me out a little..

    1. She always barks/cries when I go out of the room. I normally take her with me when I move around the house, so I can keep an eye on her, but when she goes to sleep in her crate I leave her there and get on with stuff in the house, like see to my bunnies or do washing and well you know, things! As soon as Ive left she knows and starts yelping....even when I come back she woof's on. Its not for toilet as sometimes its only been five minutes since wee/poo. So should I just leave her to whine and not run in to her when she kicks off. Her yelps screech right through me :cryin: I cant be with her all the time!!!!

    2. Her apetite...the breeder weaned her onto pedigree chum puppy, which I will wean her off and onto something like Royal Canine or Arden Grange in a couple of weeks or so when shes settled. As well as the chum I give her chicken, and veggies like peas and carrots, rice or soaked biscuits given to me by the breeder. But she hardly ever eats!! Instead of the 3-4 meals she was meant to be having she eats maybe just one full one throughout the entire day! Should I be worried?!

    3. The garden has bark in it at one side around our plants. She has taken to grabbing some bark and chewing and eating it :nono: Im always outside with her or my hubby is when she goes toilet, we dont leave her unsupervised, but she always always goes after the bark. I try to prize it out of her mouth but sometimes I cant catch her in time and its down the hatch. I tell her a stern NO! but its not working.....what can I do? I dont want her to get ill from this and have a tummy full of bark instead of chicken!!

    4. Biting...she bites all the time, my feet my hands, tries to get my nose..my clothes, the paper everything. She doesn't understand no and thinks its all a game when I push her back down and say No...(se has a range of chewy toys by the way including an old trainer!) I cant stroke her without her trying to chew my hands or sleeves!!! :blink:

    5. How to impliment simple comands....? she knows sit and if I look enthusiastic enough she runs over to me when I yell 'come on' but anything like 'lye down' or ''No or 'get down' just falls on long droopy deaf ears :eek: she wont do any of it so I cant even offer a simple reward for it even if she does it for a second!

    I know Im full of questions!! I'll probably be on here alot!!

    Ive already read up to page 43 of the forums ha ha

  2. Eroswoof

    Eroswoof Guest

    Hi and welcome :)

    Just for the last two - are there any local puppy classes you could take her to? (She's gorgeous by the way)

    I found it a great way to socialise and teach commands, especially because Bumby is a spitz breed and they can be a nightmare if you don't keep on top :rolleyes:

    Hope you'll stay around and look forward to seeing lots of lovely photos

  3. Dogless

    Dogless PetForums VIP

    Feb 26, 2010
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    I would recommend puppy classes too; they will show you how to teach basic commands as well as help with socialisation.

    I answered as one thing that stuck out to me from your post was the old trainer as a toy....just remember that your lovely new puppy will not be able to tell the difference between an old shoe and a brand new shoe and will see them all as items that are allowed to be chewed :eek:

    The biting and other behaviours are normal for a puppy; there are some good 'stickies' in the training and behaviour section on here on common puppy themes :)
  4. zeitah

    zeitah PetForums Newbie

    Mar 22, 2011
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    Thanks for the replies! Her socialisation classes dont start for 4 weeks, but hopefully she will be a bit more settled by then

    As for the shoes, well I'm sooo tidy, almost ocd like! And I have a shoe closet upstairs to protect my beautiful designer heels :D
  5. Sorrels Mum

    Sorrels Mum PetForums Junior

    Feb 22, 2011
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    Your questions are the same ones I asked when we brought our puppy home a couple of months ago - it seems like a lifetime now.

    Don't worry, the current problems will pass......to be replaced by a whole new lot if my experience is anything to go by ;)

    Puppy training helps a lot, especially with the commands.

    Good luck.

    Beautiful puppy by the way
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