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Never say never where a cat and a chip feeder is concerned!

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by jasperthecat, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. jasperthecat

    jasperthecat My best buddies.

    Aug 5, 2017
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    The other day I asked my OH to dig out the microchip feeder we'd bought last year in an attempt to prevent Ollie from eating Jasper's food. Ollie is a greedy little so and so to say the least and will push Jasper out of the way to get at his food and so we had hoped when we bought the feeder that a microchip feeder would solve the problem but Jasper being Jasper, he wouldn't go near it as it moves and he was absolutely terrified of it so after a few weeks of trying with it including the recommended partial opening method, we gave it up as a bad job and my OH put it back in its box and away somewhere.

    When I asked her to get it out again the other day, she was completely negative about it and said Jasper wouldn't use it so what was the point? I disagreed and argued he's changed lately so let him see Ollie feeding from it to see if that will influence him because so far since bringing Ollie into our fold, he has taught Jasper to be much more confident about things, a result which has more than surprised us.

    Until recently, switching on a hairdryer in the bedroom was the work of the devil and in seconds Jasper was out of there as though we'd scalded him. Ollie was never scared of it and now Jasper is even sat next to us while we use the dryer so Ollie has certainly influenced him.

    Again, even from a kitten, Jasper would just not use a covered litter tray with the door on whereas Ollie would.
    Recently when we got the new extra large covered litter tray for them, we left the door on and as expected only Ollie would use it initially while Jasper would use the Curver without the door but low and behold, a week or so later, we caught Jasper actually using the covered tray with the door on so Ollie definitely influenced him on that too.

    The same applied when we bought a water fountain for them recently. We placed it in the hall near where we'd normally put one of their daily fresh water bowls and immediately Ollie was inspecting the fountain and tasting it and drinking from it whereas Jasper would slink past it with his belly dragging on the floor and his neck out like a goose as he dashed past..to him again it was the work of the devil but once more, a few days later we caught him drinking from it so obviously Ollie has had an influence on him with that.

    This morning my OH called me from my music room and asked me if she was seeing things as when she looked down onto the hallway from the landing, it looked like Jasper was feeding from the feeder! From a distance, even though they have a different physical appearance, when hunched over feeding with their fur colour being very similar it's sometimes hard to tell the difference from a distance. Sure enough it was Jasper, so he'd overcome his fear and was feeding from it. In fact I've seen him use it for a second time today but Ollie heard him that time and as usual, being protective of his food source, he went over and disturbed him.

    Obviously he'd seen Ollie use it several times as I'd encouraged Ollie to use it in front of Jasper and for the first time since I can remember, we'd not topped up the open food bowls which are always topped up twice daily with fresh food so that they have access to fresh food 24/7, therefore the only food available this morning was in the feeder so I think hunger had pressed Jasper to overcome his fear and try it.

    Jasper never asks for food like many cats do, in fact neither does Ollie as they have 24/7 access so he didn't make us aware that there was no food in the open bowl but he must have been hungry enough to overcome his fear to use the auto feeder so it's actually worked out well and hastened my plan.
    I'll just leave the food in the feeder for now because while they eat their meat supplements etc together, they randomly feed from the 24/7 source so there shouldn't be any squabbling over the food as long it's kept topped up for each one to get their share.
    Once Jasper uses it naturally like he does the water fountain, I'll buy another chip feeder for Ollie so that they both have one and then I can stop Ollie from snaffling Jasper's food when we're not looking by blocking him from the Jasper's feeder.
    No doubt Ollie will try to get into Jasper's share initially but he's pretty bright and will soon realise he can't so it should sort out Ollie's greedy side.

    I must admit that Ollie has given Jasper so much more confidence which is a good thing and even though they have the occasional set to because of wanting to be dominant, they spend an awful lot of time in each other's company and even call for each other and chase around like lunatics so things have got better but I'm so pleased with the positive effect it's had on Jasper so who knows?
    Maybe in another couple of years jasper might even try a taste of wet food....on second thoughts, I can't expect miracles, can I? :D
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