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Neighbour's cat won't leaveee!!

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by abbie5578, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. abbie5578

    abbie5578 PetForums Newbie

    Apr 19, 2017
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    hey! sorry if this is completely the wrong place to post, just signed up cause i need advice lol

    so we moved into our house over 6 months ago with our cat, casper. we noticed a black cat hanging around the garden about once or maybe twice, and around a month ago from today out car casper was killed by a car :(
    now ever since that exact day, the black cat has came into the garden and he was the most affectionate cat i have ever met in my life. for hours in the garden he just sat on your knee, rubbed against you etc. so cute

    so he went home and i thought nothing of it, however he has now come every single day we've been in since

    i am slightly concerned as to why he is so eager to come in. he waits at the door, at the window, etc. he also feels greasy on his fur which goes away with some stroking. he also has dandruff type stuff in his fur too, he also literally CRAVES attention like no other. always follows you and wants you to be around.

    he also seems very thirsty when he comes, he tries to lick where the sink water comes out of in the garden, so i gave him some water and he drank it all. also was begging for food but didn't give him any.

    so we let him in once because he would not leave, and didn't see the harm in just giving him a fuss and letting him go home, except.. he never wants to leave. if we put him out, he runs back in so fast and hides. he wants to sleep here, everything. also not quite sussed out who's cat it is either. we think cat has a sibling/friend because they always used to sit together before he started coming on one of the houses windowsills (the house we suspect owns the cat) but sibling has never come.

    just not sure what to do, it honestly seems like the cat wants attention or even care that hes not getting at home. suggestions?? :(
  2. ewelsh

    ewelsh PetForums VIP

    Jan 26, 2011
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    Hello and welcome :D

    How sad you lost your Casper, I am sorry!

    As for this black cat! It sounds to me he she needs a little love and I believe you have been chosen! :Smuggrin
    I think this little black cat may help heal your heart a little, why not feed water and give this cat shelter! There is no collar or I.D so no way of knowing if he she belongs to someone else.

    Go on you know you want to :D

    Share a photo with us, I love love love black cats who are totally over looked for some reason, there are hundreds needing homes, but I think you have re homed one :D
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  3. Babyshoes

    Babyshoes PetForums Senior

    Jul 1, 2016
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    So sorry to hear of your loss.

    First thing I'd do is make him/her a paper collar, with your number on it and a message asking the owner to ring you - something like "is this your cat? Please call xxxxx". (Use paper so it's not a strangulation risk if it gets caught on something, the paper will break.)

    If you don't hear in a week or so (replace the collar if it disappears & no call) then take him to the nearest vet to check for a microchip. They should do that for free, and if there is a chip they should be able to pass on a message to the owner.

    A different option to try first is to make up some fliers with the cat's photo to put up in the area and/or put through letter boxes.

    It does look like this cat has chosen you. As it seems like it might be neglected, the owner may be willing to give it up or may never be found. You need to decide if you'd be willing to take on a new pet at this point so soon after the loss of your Casper.

    Let us know how you get on please. :)
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  4. lorilu

    lorilu PetForums VIP

    Sep 6, 2009
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    Agree with this, It is my thought this cat may have had a home in the house you are in and was abandoned when the people left. Now he's Chosen you as his family. Just a guess.
  5. kittih

    kittih PetForums VIP

    Jan 19, 2014
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    I am sorry for your loss.

    Agree with Baby shoes about the paper collar and microchip check. How is the cats weight ? Is it underweight, overweight or about right ? Is it male or female and if male does it look entire or neutered ?

    It may be a cat that is not being looked after or has no home or it may be a cat that is looked after well but loves attention and fuss from humans and whilst it has a perfectly happy home will try it's luck befriending other humans and het as many cuddles as it can. The only way of knowing is to try the paper collar, poster, microchip route.

    If you end up feeding it or give it cuddles of course it will be keep coming back. Cats are opportunists :)

    Re the coat it is possible he needs a good brush. My boy cat has ibd and a grain allergy and his coat can get as you describe with the dandruff if he has eaten grain containing foods (he doesn't get them from me but occasionally stole some from my other cat) and occasionally when he needed a good brush to get rid of loose hair. Some people don't groom their cats so much assuming the cat will do it themselves.

    Please please don't make the assumption that because it hangs around it is unloved or uncured for. It might be the case but equally it might not. Encouraging a cat to stay with you and to leave it's own home can be devastating to the owners. Not saying you are doing this but if you were tempted to do so just think first how the actual owners might feel if their cat just disappeared or stopped coming home.

    Find the owner and have a chat. The owner might be quite happy for their cat to hang out with you as long as they know where it is and if it is safe and well. Also please do not be tempted to feed the cat until you have found and discussed this with the owner. Some cats need special diets like my boy or to receive medication at specific times that can only be given with food so being fed elsewhere can be detrimental to the cat and lead to expensive vet bills for the owner.

    Enjoy the cuddles. Cats know who are cat lovers and can give very good cuddles to those they think are special people :)
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