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need some urgent advice or ideas plz with regards a kitten thats had an infection

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by snowfrill, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. snowfrill

    snowfrill PetForums Member

    Oct 19, 2011
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    hi plz could anyone help i have a 11 month old kitten that i bottle feed from 10 days old.
    I went away for 1 wk n got back 3wks ago when i returned home she seemed to be in pain so i took her to vets she had a bladder infection vet treated her accordingly with antibiotics after they finished i had to take her back a couple days later she seemed worse they checked her urinary sample n also her blood.
    Blood results came back normal sample was a little bit abnormal but not enough to keep her in so they treated her with a different kind of antibiotic n betamox plus they told me to get her urinary food which i got she didnt seem to get better so i took her back n they gave me more antibiotics for her n had to continue with what i was already giving her, she seemed to improve until the last antibiotic then she started peeing everywhere, took her back to vets n they but her on more antibiotics but a longer course i now have her in a separate room from my other cats but, when i let her out she pees everywhere but she doesnt do this when she is in the room by herself.
    Ive recently had alot of building work going on n she also started peeing in shower before i went away if door or window wasnt open, except of a night time, generally she is good with using the litter tray but i was wondering if something else could be wrong as this seems to be very unusual for her plz could someone help ty :(
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