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Need some help please

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by Clairea04, Oct 13, 2021 at 1:46 PM.

  1. Clairea04

    Clairea04 PetForums Newbie

    Oct 23, 2015
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    Need a bit of help and advise please
    I have a 17.5 year old spayed female cat. She has a form of in’s non diagnosed but most of her life she has had the off few days episode of diarrhoea with fresh red blood been to vets numerous times over the years but no one has put 2+2 together 2 years ago I changed her food to hi life and hey presto normal stools ever since. 10 days ago she started going to every litter tray in house and doing a little pee then going in places she shouldn’t wouldn’t settle.

    Took her to vets and she was diagnosed with a uti and gave her antibiotic injection did bloods all normal except they found her thyroid was slightly and mean slightly over active advised to start her on thyronorm tiny 0.25 mls twice a day.
    We started with once a day a couple of days later Saturday night she started straining to poop we thing she had soft watery stools in 4 of our litter trays straining to go out of box where ever she could and tiny drops of fresh blood we gave her some loxicom and she settled down she was back to normal for 2 days then last night she started again small amount of watery soft poo licking herself a lot in that area no blood . Gave her loxicom again and she settled we are going back to vets later today.
    Not sure what’s up wondering if she is impacted now and by passing small poo or what it is anyone any ideas?
  2. jill3

    jill3 PetForums VIP

    Feb 18, 2009
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    Sorry i can not give much advice only perhaps take a poo sample to the vet. Hopefully the vet will help. please let us know how you get on x
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  3. TriTri

    TriTri Standing up for cats

    Oct 31, 2017
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    How did you get on at the vet’s @Clairea04 ? Any news?
    I found and took on a cat with blood in her soft stools on and off. She was also hyperthyroid. I kept a food diary and found her to be intolerant to many foods, which also made her vomit sometimes. She was a regular at the vet’s. First they said possible IBD, later pancreatitis, later EPI, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (which meant she required pancreatic enzymes with her food) and then probable Triaditis. During this time she also tested positive for clostridium Perfringens and was given a long course of strong antibiotics, which left her with even worse diarrhoea…. I think the antibiotics may have cleared out her good bacteria too. I would urge you to keep a food diary and record her bowel habits too. She may have become intolerant to her current cat food. I could recommend a good cat food for her, but know Zooplus are currently struggling to stock it at the moment. I suspect you’ll need to give your vet’s 3 days supply of stool samples to test. If her thyroid disorder is recent, she’ll need regular check ups to check if her Thyronorm dose needs altering. My cat’s dose needing altering regularly and the meds were of a huge benefit to her, as they also were to other hyperthyroid cats I have had. I suspect she probably has another problem, an infection or pancreatitis or EPI etc. I hope they do more tests and get to the bottom of it, before it spirals out of control. Good luck. Please update us.

    And it’s important to keep an eye on her weight, so worth investing in some baby scales! Make sure she doesn’t keep losing weight.
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