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Need advice for my poorly chuck. :(

Discussion in 'Poultry Health and Nutrition' started by YellowFlower, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. YellowFlower

    YellowFlower PetForums Newbie

    Jul 21, 2009
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    Hello. I have had my chicken for about 6 years and until now she hasnt had any problems, however over the weekend she developed a swollen foot. The swelling is between her toes in the webbed part and is causing her a fair bit of pain, and she cant put much pressure on it and prefers to sit down all the time.

    We took her to the vets last night and they werent sure what was wrong with her and apart from the foot they said she was in very good health. She had antibiotics and is now on pain killers. She is now standing alittle more but not walking or moving around much yet.

    The thing now is that she doesnt seem to want to eat much and her poo is very runny. Does anyone know what i can try feeding her on, she doesnt like her dry food at the minute?

    Do you think her poo is runny because she hasnt been eating much or might she have something else wrong with her that the vet may of missed?

    Sorry for the long post . .
    YellowFlower x
  2. Cascara

    Cascara PetForums Member

    Jul 27, 2009
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    Could be the antibiotics or the shock of the trip? Have you tried chopped up hard boiled egg? Few can resisit that. Or chopped grass, cornflakes or crumbled dry cat food? All treats but may excite her to eat :)
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