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need abit of help

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by dukey101, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. dukey101

    dukey101 PetForums Junior

    Jun 27, 2012
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    i took my dog to the vets this morning,

    The reson why is because he was very nervouse. very timid when he met people. of another dog came along then he would pee. if someone came in the house the he would pee.

    so i took him to rule out any health issuse. my vet didnt seem to interested in him like she didnt know what to say. i dont no weather she was training or she was an actual vet. m not worried about that at the moment.

    when i asked to see another vet as i said this one was no help for me at all. she said he was fine he is just submissive.

    i have heard of this before but i have never had a dog with it.
    i no its not much but the vet has told me to try and build up his confidance.
    im not sure in what way and how i can do this?

    i was thinking about using my friends dog as she just compleatly ignores everyone and dont care about other dogs but then i dont want him to think that every dog is like that or even if that is the right thing to do ?

    also would this affect his training? because i still cant get him to sit and stay long enough. :rolleyes:

    any adive on how i can handle this in the best way possible that would be great thank you :) xxx

    p.s sorry for the long paragraph ! x
  2. Twiggy

    Twiggy PetForums VIP

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Personally I'd try and find a decent training club in your area, where your dog can socialise with plenty of other people and dogs in a controlled environment.

    If it's fairly local you may find another handler with a steady dog who would walk with you as well, which all helps with the socialisation.
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