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Nasal tumour (cancerous) in 12 year old dog

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Acorn and auger, Aug 17, 2018.


Radiotherapy or Homeopathic Treatment?

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  1. Acorn and auger

    Acorn and auger PetForums Newbie

    Jun 10, 2018
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    I’m absolutely devastated to be writing this. I posted a few months back about concerns for my dogs health after having nose bleeds and severe dental disease in his back teeth. After a series of antibiotics all symptoms cleared up and we thought we’d escaped the dreaded ‘C’.

    Sadly this Saturday just gone he suffered horrendous nose bleeding from the same nostril as last time (his right) and we rushed him to an emergency vets as there was just so much blood (he eventually started sneezing tissue and blood clots too). The vet said not to worry ‘immediately’ and he did not appear to be in immediate decline or pain, but encouraged us to go for CT scans and an endoscopy at the Royal Veterinary College.

    We saw our local vet on Monday for another check up and she made the referral to RVC who were able to book us in for Tuesday morning. Upon receiving all his previous records on scans/x-rays etc the vet sadly informed us that it is likely to be tumour related as we have now ruled out most other possibilities. Ted is an otherwise fully healthy and happy dog, all his organs are functioning, blood work was fine, no infections etc. We felt totally blindsided that our poor Teddy had been suffering from this for what could’ve been months and months.

    Ted stayed over night to have a CT scan and rhinoscopy, the results of which have come back today to confirm it is indeed cancer (we’re submitting for further tests to confirm what type of cancer).

    As it stands, the tumour has taken up the majority of his right nasal area and deteriorated the majority of the soft tissue that should be covering the bone (the tissue is no longer present).

    He’s an anxious dog that hasn’t ever spent a night away from one of us and the vets said that he had found it extremely distressing being at the hospital for so long without us and did indicate that that could cause issues were we to proceed with radiotherapy as a form of treatment.

    What I would like to know basically is
    1) does anyone have any experience of their dogs being diagnosed with nasal cancer? I ask because apparently it’s incredibly rare and only accounts for 1% of cancers in dogs and the location of it makes for difficult treating.

    2) the most important question really, does anyone have experience of treating their dogs cancer (preferably nasal cancer) with homeopathic treatment?

    I really really really want to hope and trust that homeopathic methods can (sadly not cure) but treat and manage the tumour and give Teddy a healthy, renewed quality of life for as long as possible— however I’m also terrified about going down a natural remedy route to only find out months down the line that it’s actually ineffective and that maybe I’d made the wrong decision in not choosing conventional treatment (radiotherapy)

    I am, as you can imagine, pretty desperate and terrified. I have spoken to a handful of professionals however they are reluctant to discuss homeopathy/believe in it, due to lack of scientific evidence etc.

    Any advice or accounts of personal experience having to go through this. I honestly have no idea how people cope with getting a cancer diagnosis with their dog. I’ve been in tears all week now.

    Please and thank you.
  2. EmCHammer

    EmCHammer PetForums VIP

    Dec 28, 2009
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    I'm sorry to hear about Ted .. horrible news.
    No experience of either of nasal tumours or homeopathic treatments (but bet there loads of Facebook support groups that might be able to help?)

    I have experience of brain tumours though. My 4 year old Staffie boy had a brain tumour - on his pituatury gland. He had radiotherapy at Cambridge Vet School

    In sure each protocol is different but he went once a week for 5 weeks . The staff were amazing and it only took an hour or so and I could sit with him as he came round. He suffered no side effects .

    He went on to live for another 15 months. Will his regime def involve staying overnight
  3. 3dogs2cats

    3dogs2cats PetForums VIP

    Aug 15, 2012
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    Sorry you are having to go through this. I`m afraid I don`t have any experience of homeopathic treatments or nasal cancer. My dog was treated for a tumour in her mouth, she had radiotherapy, we had to take her twice a week and each treatment didn`t take long, I`d have a walk around the grounds while was treated then I was back with her and we could go home not long afterwards.
    Getting the diagnosis is horrible, I can remember the shock, bewilderment and asking many, many questions at the hospital, making decisions at this point seems impossible I know. Whatever you decide I send you and Ted very best wishes.
  4. rona

    rona Still missing my boys

    Aug 18, 2011
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    We have recently let our old dog go when it got to the stage that your dog has. The distress that was caused by the massive nose bleed was to distressing for him and we knew it wouldn't get any better. Our dog was still eating, walking and wagging his tail if his nose wasn't bleeding. We just didn't want the rest of his life, the few more weeks that he had being full of distress.

    You have my sympathy.
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