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I came back from a week in Portugal yesterday, and obviously ended up befriending all of the local cats. A lot of them wouldn't come near us, however on the second day we overheard talk of a litter of kittens so went exploring.. We found the Mum who was the friendliest little thing going (far too young/small to have had a litter though :() and once the babies heard her being fussed over they finally showed themselves too. I ended up going and buying them food and feeding them in seashells :eek:

The next day, word obviously got out as a whole new host of cats turned up when we rustled the cat food bag.. :D

My Mum named all of them, bless her. - so here are some obligatory photos:

Mum (Pilchard) and Felicity


From L-R, Heinz, Tiger and Sleepy

Sleepy, plus Tiger curled up with Mum

Sleepy (named as he just fell asleep sat upright after eating)

Heinz, a gorgeous tortie tabby

The day everyone else showed up!

and just a token photo of the beach :)

We were sad to leave them, my Mum especially, as she had to go back to a kittyless house. They were lovely :001_wub:
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