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My Dog Ignores Bitch in Heat

Discussion in 'Dog Breeding' started by Brad Anstey, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Brad Anstey

    Brad Anstey PetForums Newbie

    Jun 13, 2018
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    On day 8 of bitch’s season, dog tried to mount her 3 different times. Appears he may have mated but they didn’t lock together that long. They spent the day together, he overnighted, spent the next day there as well. After the 3rdattempt to mount, he sniffs, but ignores her as she turns and puts it right in front of him. Everyday since they been together and still no interest to mate with her. He is almost 3, she is 2, labs, he comes from strong pedigree of breeders. This is both their first time. I need help in what to do for my dog to be interested in her. It’s now end of day 12.
  2. Jamesgoeswalkies

    Jamesgoeswalkies PetForums VIP

    May 8, 2014
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    I'm not a fan of the 'let's throw two dogs together and see what happens' method of studding I'm afraid. Apart from the fact that the success rate is very hit and miss there is a fair chance of making the whole situation quite stressful for them especially if either one or the other is maiden/unproven. The fact that it's the first time for both make's it even more likely things won't happen or will go wrong.

    I will also add that there is risk of injury (generally to the stud dogs penis) which is why responsible breeders do not allow free running. You will also have no idea when the pups (if any) are due so you really can't prepare the bitch for whelping.

    But to answer your question, what can you do to help your male dog? The owner of the female should know and understand the bitches heat cycle before they try to mate, they will then know when she is at her optimum. It's generally a three day window. Male dogs may get attacked if they try to mate outside this 'window'. Once you know when the female is ready you introduce your male at his peak - both dogs should be on the lead at this stage. Nature usually takes it's course in one or two meetings although some males do need a hand (yours).

    Coming from a 'strong pedigree of breeders' (I presume you mean he has a 5 generation pedigree?) which most Labs do, is not necessarily a good reason to breed. Breeding comes with a massive responsibility to both the parent dogs and to the offspring. Perhaps leave it this time around and do a little more research into the subject and decide what you want to do.

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  3. Dogloverlou

    Dogloverlou PetForums VIP

    Dec 8, 2013
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    You make no mention of whether they're fully health tested? Hips/elbows/eyes/DNA tests?

    James above has given you some sound advice. I would also wait until the next heat cycle to decide & get some more research behind you.
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