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My crazy agressive dominant poodle beats and humps my collie.

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Crazy_dog, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Crazy_dog

    Crazy_dog PetForums Newbie

    Feb 16, 2019
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    English is not my first language.

    Hi, i have a 3/4 years old miniature poodle, that i rescued, he was in the street with a broken leg, too skinny and with ticks. I brought him home with me, fixed his leg, name him Scooby.

    First he was sleeping outside, but i didnt have a shelter, and he spent the night scratching the door and whining, so i let him into the house, every Morning i had to clean pee and poop in the kitchen, and every night he scratched the door of my bedroom, so i let him sleep in my bedroom, i put his bed in the floor, but during the dawn he would climb on the bed, when I realized I would put it down, when I slept again it would rise again.
    once my husband got up to go to the bathroom, when he came back the dog was on the bed,
    he sent the dog down, and he started to get aggressive, growl, i had to bring a broom to put him out of the room.
    from that day he went to sleep in the living room again, and every time he scratched the door or cried, we knocked on the door hard enough to make a loud noise, and yelled at him to stop until he went to sleep.
    he was very aggressive with my cats, he was on them, smelling them all the time, and when the cats got irritated and kicked at him, he would go furious to beat the cats, he chased the cats and didnt want them to go near me, or near us when we were eating.

    Last year i build a shelter in the back of my house, because I was going to bring a new dog, and because of being a large breed,
    I thought scooby would like to have company, he always was playful with the dogs on the street, but he didnt like the new dog, a 7 months old rough collie, name Sandor, he would hit the other dog if he approached us, or when he was in possession of a toy, he steals the toy, but not to play, just to not let the other play, he will not let the other dog eat, if I do not stare, and yell at him, he growls at another dog, which leaves the pot of food, and he humps the dog leg until exhaustion, my other dog is now 1 year old, and is behaving strange, he cries a lot, most at night, He does not jump at us anymore, or barks at dogs in the gate, when he wants to run to the gate to bark, the poodle runs growling towards him.

    tomorrow I'll schedule the poodle neutering, but I do not know if it will solve.
  2. Lurcherlad

    Lurcherlad PetForums VIP

    Jan 5, 2013
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    The poodle needs training, using positive, reward based methods.

    He should have been toilet trained when you first got him as a street dog would have no idea not to toilet in the house.

    As for getting him off the bed etc. as you’ve found, shouting and pushing a dog around creates anxiety and can lead to aggression because the dog feels threatened.

    Separate the dogs when you can’t supervise them so the other dog isn’t being bullied.

    Use a collar and house line (lead with no handle) to gently encourage the poodle away/off and manage interactions, rather than trying to force the issue.

    Look at kikopup, positively.com and thecanineconsultants.co.uk for advice.
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