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My cats are Wolverine and Sabretooth (kinda)

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Lukeract, Jan 29, 2021.

  1. Lukeract

    Lukeract PetForums Newbie

    Jan 29, 2021
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    I have a slightly short, stocky, but fast cat named Merlin (8 yo) and a big, muscular, handsome, big chiseled faced/headed cat named Sandor (2.5 YO). A little background, Merlin came to my rural house (pastures and forest) about 7 years ago with his super long, skinny, mean, tail chasing brother (I guess they were both jet black) who I nicknamed Tom. Sandor came about 2 years ago and just happened to be the same color as Merlin (jet black) and had half hooded eyes and was kind of a kitten like Merlin was those years ago. They both are half domesticated yard cats (Sandor's eyes are fine, green and pretty now). Merlin is a cranky loner, with sadness and brooding oozing out of him for as long as I've known him (I think he has just always wanted to feel wanted). Sandor on the other hand is a confident, suave, enterprising, chill and not at the same time cat, but can be a dark, sadistic, menacing, smug fellow at uncommon times, never breaking his calm.

    Merlin hates Sandor but tolerates him, Sandor is usually calm and even shows him his stomach at times, he even likes pranking him sometimes. But can get mad at times and walk slowly towards him with his eyes wide open as can be, doesn't make a sound and the fight ensues. In their fights they have opposing fighting styles. Never underestimate Merlin, he takes a defensive approach and moves back as he unleashes a flurry of claws at the face, which in a open and wide environment is highly effective. Sandor bull-rush tackles and bites on the neck or shoulders and doesn't let go with his huge jowls. In a tighter environment his nigh unbeatable. When Merlin loses, he retreats and hides. When Sandor (loses?) he will just sit down in that very spot and relax. Good gracious, at least they can function next to each other, they're both tough as nails, and eternally badass in my book
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