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Mixing Tetras?

Discussion in 'New Aquarium Advice' started by Biglittlefish, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Biglittlefish

    Biglittlefish PetForums Newbie

    Jul 20, 2021
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    Hello! Hoping someone might be able to help with this. I've got a 30lr tank, fully set up with two small ember tetras in (there were more but unfortunately they've gone now.)
    Last minute I've been given some emperor tetras from a friends fully set up and healthy tank. Are these suitable to have together?? I didn't realise how much bigger the emperor's were going to be until I got them next to the others by the tank.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. bunnygeek

    bunnygeek PetForums VIP

    Jul 24, 2018
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    I would be wary putting itty bitty Embers in with larger species, there is a risk their itty bitty size means they could become a snack :( especially if there's not dense planting to let them hide.
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