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Missing my cat

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Char2609, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Char2609

    Char2609 PetForums Junior

    Jul 31, 2012
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    The last 18 months have been quite the roller coaster for me in one way or another but finally things have started to come back together.

    I met a fantastic man and landed a new job. I also took a leap and decided it was time to move back out of my parents house and into somewhere of my own nearer my boyfriend and my job.

    New home hunting was hard...as I could only book viewings at weekends due to my schedule and lousy opening hours of estate agents, by the time Friday came along my viewings were being cancelled as the properties had gone. I was also limited in choice within my budget as I was trying to find somewhere that would take me and my cat.

    With the search proving hard my fabulous parents offered to keep Harvey for me for the time being. The theory being that in the not too distant future I hope my boyfriend and I would move in together and Harvey could join us...what was the point of moving him twice when he has a cat flap and a massive garden to rule at the moment? He's certainly being spoilt where he is and it would be unfair to change it and move him to somewhere much smaller and to a place that probably didn't even have a cat flap.

    So I went with it...found a lovely little flat and have been much closer to my boyfriend so we've been able to see more of each other and my commute is tiny now in comparison.

    The downside is that I miss my cat terribly. :( Its too quiet here and I worry that when I do get him back our bond won't be the same.

    My tenancy runs out in February and as I'm now local to the area I could try and look for a cat friendly property then...the trouble is it cost me a lot in fees to get this place and I don't think I'll have enough to do it all again just yet. I also think February is still going to be a bit soon for my boyfriend in terms of moving in.

    I know I just need to be patient and it was my choice to move out (believe me though in so many ways it was the right one) but I can't help but miss Harvey.

    I'm going back to my parents this weekend, and I'll get to see him next weekend too, but it's not the same. To top it off my friend just got kittens and is posting lots of photos so I'm feeling even more down about it.

    Don't know what I'm really looking for...just a little teary moan I think.
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