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Silly question. I have had a tetanus shot this year so I'm covered but would you get this minor dog bite checked out. It is on my inner thigh.

It isn't bleeding but I'm always nervous with dog bites so wanted your input as to whether to get it checked or just clean it with tcp at home :) View attachment 494829
Just keep your eye on it to see the area around it doesn't become inflamed and feels hot. I've been scratched by dog's claws or had puppy teeth punctures many times and the only time one became infected was once when my seriously ill cat bit me badly on the base of my thumb. Within a couple of hours I had red streaks running up my arm and and my hand was swelled up like a balloon. I needed a course of antibiotics to clear it up.

One of my dogs accidently scratched me badly on my ankle a couple of weeks ago I just kept it clean but had to cover it because the dogs kept wanting to lick the wound. It's just about healed up.
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