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hey :)
just moved near the millennium open space park on the a127 in westcliff and have a rescue greyhound who could do with some friends!
Hes quite shy and needs some calm friends as gets frightened and will bark and growl at excitable dogs im guessing he may have been attacked before at some point as gets extremely worried being approached from behind .
Just wondering if there are any grey owners who go here who we may be able to meet as I think socializing with his own may be a good start and would be lovely to let him have zoomies if his confidence grows :)
We went there today for the first time with my staff also and it was very stressful as lots of doggys off lead who were very friendly but to much for him sadly and he got very stressed.
Have a feeling we may get labeled as the grumpy nasty dog :( which is not the case were really friendly just not at 100mph lol!!!
If anyone can help let me know look forward to hearing from you x:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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