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Mikey is a 4 year old Malinois Belgian Shepherd and is currently on foster in New Tredegar.

The Mikey Fact File

Dog status: Good but would need careful introduction
Cat status: Not suitable to be rehomed with cats
Child status: Good but due to food obsession would prefer slightly older children.
Home alone: Not suitable for full time workers at present.
Basic training: Very good

Mikey was grossly underweight and in bad condition when he came into Hope but he has gained weight with a decent food and his condition has improved greatly. However this has resulted in Mikey being food obsessed! He will pace and search for food and will remove anything that has been in contact with food and will destroy containers to get to the contents. As his condition has improved his behaviour is less manic but he still searches. He will settle and isn’t distressed about being left but will use this time to investigate so we feel at present Mikey would need a home with someone present most of the time and able and willing to work through this. Mikey does not like being confined in small areas and has found it difficult to settle overnight in a separate room to his fosterer. He will settle in the bedroom though on his own bed and has made no attempt to get on the furniture or bed.

Mikey is in foster with a smaller terrier and medium crossbreed and settled with both well. He is not a playful interactive dog with the resident dogs but does seem to like their company and is happier with them around so we feel he may be best rehomed with canine company. He has been fine with dogs he has met out and about though hasn’t mixed with too many dogs offlead. His play style when he does play is very shepherd like. Mikey will not be rehomed with cats or small furries.

Mikey is sociable with adults and children and has met children aged 5 and above. He could be rehomed with children but the new owners need to be aware that he is a large dog and that his food obsession could be a problem with younger children. He has not shown any possessive behaviour with people and has been great with kennel and veterinary staff.

Mikey has previously had a good level of basic training and walks beautifully on the lead and sits and recalls nicely in a secure field. He travels perfectly in the car and is if anything happiest when travelling. He is fully housetrained and while he hasn’t shown a tendency to jump would need a secure garden.

Mikey will need a patient home that will be sympathetic to his ‘quirks’. He has a lovely nature and is very gentle despite his size. He would probably be happiest rehomed with another dog for company, because although he doesn’t play a great deal with the other dogs in the house he is more relaxed when they are around. He would probably be happy as an only dog if there was sufficient human company.

All Hope Rescue dogs areAll Hope Rescue dogs are neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped prior to rehoming. A homecheck will be required, and you will need to come and meet the dog with your own dogs and family. Hope Rescue rehomes throughout the UK. A Pre-Home Interest Form can be downloaded from Home - and should be returned to [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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