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I took him in as a forster 7 yrs ago we was approx 11 months old long haired & very handsome, he was & is the most perfect dog he never left lol, hes an entire male but has never wondered or shown any sign of aggression or let his hormones rule his head, he will defend himself it another dog starts on him although would sooner play or walk away, he is great with kids i took him in when my kids were young, he currently lives in the countryside with a rescued jrt & a cat (the boss lol) he is in very good health & has always had an active life..

i was diagnosed with a degenerative problem's in my hips & back which i've managed to control then towards the end of last year i started having falls, i had a bad one 6 months ago which left me unable to walk the dog's for about 6 weeks, when i had recovered enough to be able to could walk the gsd got so excited he pulled hard on the lead which is dangerous for me, once the excitement has settled after 10-15 mins he's ok again, over the last couple of months myself & a friend have worked with him to try to overcome this he was doing very well, then 3 weeks ago i had another bad fall braking a bone in my hand now i cant take him out again which will probably set him back, i've had to face up to the fact that due to my failing health i can not give him the life he so deserves now which is not fair on him, heartbraking for me but i need to do whats best for him now.
i'm looking to find him the best possible home with experianced owner who can continue to work with him & to give him the regular exercise he needs.

if you think you could be this special person please get in touch..

to ensure the best out come for this perfect boy

perspective new homes will be home checked & a token £50 payment which will go to gsd rescue
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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