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Mea is a really wonderful girl and is just so loving and easy going! She adores kids and is fine with other dogs and cats she will make such a wonderful family dog!!

However Mea does have a few issues meeting other dogs out on walks and will need a confident experienced owner to teach her. She is very receptive to training and just needs someone who will give her confidence and re-assure her. This is why we feel having another dog in the house may help and re-assure her out on her walks! Also someone who will help focus her attention and use her brain someone who would like to go running or cycling with her will be so great for her.

Mea is very laid back in the house and is very content, she loves sleeping in the garden on a sunny day! She is perfect in the house and happy to be left. She loves paying with her ball too and just adores children and loves having a cuddle.

Mea has so much to give and sadly has been moved about too much in her short life through no fault of her own. Please give this wonderful girl her chance of a forever home she will just give so much back to you! Mea was brought to us as a puppy along with her siblings.

Mea is currently fostered in Leicester and is a Pointer cross.

Mea | SOS Animals UK
SOS Animals UK | Changing one animal's life at a time

Please get in touch if you can offer this lovely girl a forever home!!!


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