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Max keeps eating Buena's food!..Is this a big problem??

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by ChrisKon, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. ChrisKon

    ChrisKon PetForums Junior

    Nov 12, 2012
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    Hi Pet Forum peers! :)

    My Kitties are 4 months old and seem really happy! I'm feeding Max & Buena (Brother/Sister) Animonda C and Cosma which they seem to love (Even though Buena can be quite fussy!)

    When I put them their food, they each go to their bowl and start scoffing away, however, Half way through munch time, Max tends to start eating Buenas food....even though he hasn't finished his!!! And she just lets him!

    While I'm at home, I stand by to make sure that Buenas not being pushed out the way. I firmly say 'No' then put him back to his bowl. But when I'm not there, I'm sure he goes back to this greedy habit! Max is definately bigger than Buena! I understand that generally, boys are bigger than girls, but I can't help think that there's a big difference. She does eat....does'nt cry for food....She seems healthy....So should I be concerened? Is this a common problem?

    Any advice/info on this matter would be very much appreciated.

    Take Care :)
  2. Annie38

    Annie38 PetForums Member

    Oct 18, 2012
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    I had exactly the same problem with two of my cats when I first got them. Penny was TINY while Dexter was huge. Dexter gobbled up all the food and Penny would just take what she wanted and let Dexter have her leftovers.

    Dexter is still bigger than Penny, but he's bigger than most cats, and Penny is perfectly healthy and happy. Neither of them have ever been ill since I've had them, so I would say it's quite normal. Some cats just eat more than others, it doesn't necessarily mean the one getting less is under-eating.

    Just keep an eye on it and make sure she gets her fair share!
  3. The Minkey

    The Minkey PetForums Member

    Feb 6, 2012
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    If your girl was still hungry when your boy moves over onto her plate, she'd move over to his I would think. How often do you feed your kittens? At that age, they need feeding about 4 times a day if memory serves me well.

    I have a male and a female cat. Although I put the food down on two plates, I leave it to my cats to decide which plate they eat from. Tia tends to graze her food whereas Kato is a wolfer. He came to us as a kitten and has always moved over to her dish before finishing his and she would just move over to his if she was still interested in eating. The only exception I make is when giving them something they both prize, like raw lamb, I sit with them and guard her share until she's had enough.
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