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Mallard Duck with the shakes and a hurt wing

Discussion in 'Bird Health and Nutrition' started by Ducky_Dad, May 11, 2010.

  1. Ducky_Dad

    Ducky_Dad PetForums Newbie

    Jun 24, 2009
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    I have a mallard duck (a hen) who has recently come under the weather. Her right wing is hurt. She raises it slightly and stiffly but doesn't flex it much otherwise, making it quite obvious that it's hurt. Her right foot (or webbie) the other day was vibrating and making a very rapid drumming sound. (It wasn't a purposed movement, it was very slight like a spasm. She pants like she's hot and yet its forty degrees or less outside. I think she has a fever.

    The other day she flew a little ways and took a rather rough landing, or so I hear. I wasn't present at the time. But she was said not to be flying very high--barely off of the ground--so I'm worried she might have been ill even before the crashlanding. (Like, maybe she was too weak to fly higher, or well at all, and so cradhed?)

    She has been laying an egg per day for the last three months.

    I am really worried about her, could someone offer any advie, or should I simply take her to the vet? (Its rather expensive and my family has recently gone through a very severe lost so money is extra tight, leading me to look into alternatives. I have been giving her some herbs, but I would like as much insight as I could get.

    Thank you so much for even reading.

    Hoping to hear from someone soon,
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