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I got a message today from Pauline, the lady who we got Maggie from saying her daughter was moving out in 2 weeks and cant take Oscar (maggie's litter brother) with her and did we know anyone who would like him!!!
Pauline cannot keep him as she already has 2 cats that she cant afford & they only kept Oscar as it would be her daughters and she paid for his food etc.

Id love to say we would have him but i really dont think that would be a good idea as Barney has only really just properly settled down with Maggie and to go through it all again with another one (and a boy) would be too much and i doubt barney would like that at all!
Im a little annoyed as we originally offered to take maggie and another kitten & now they cant afford to keep him so we could have had him back then..

But if theres anyone on here near southend who would like him? please let me know!
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