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:: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue :: Finding New Homes For Dogs!! ::


£1,290 is the Vet quote for her initial treatment. Blocked ear canals, swollen painful ear lobes so heavy with pus she can't hold her ears up, shaking her head, infected itchy skin falling off in parts, huge swollen itchy paws, blocked anal glands, not neutered, never been vaccinated. Madame is suffering severe depression she just stands and shakes. We are desperate for funds to heal her.

"the reason Madame is in this state is she has been used as a puppy breeder just to make profit and no money spent to keep her clean and helathy, rubbish food, all her energy gone into the puppies lowering her immune system. all for money. we are left to pick up the pieces."

^ taken from the website & facebook.
:incazzato: :incazzato: :incazzato: :incazzato:

If anyone ever needs a single reason not to buy from a petshop/internet/byb then Madam is the one.

People suck. :angry:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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