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Louie's vet trip

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by SLB, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. SLB

    SLB PetForums VIP

    Apr 25, 2011
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    Copied and pasted from elsewhere - I cba to make it sound different :lol:

    Louie had a free dental today and I've had some interesting conversations today.

    The first was at the bus stop waiting to get there, there was a lady and a man waiting.. we were talking and then the man tried to call Louie to him, Louie ignored rather gracefully (he turned his back to him :lol:) and I said he wasn't a people dog, to which the woman piped up "I bet he is", I didn't say what was going through my mind "Yes, I don't know my own dog" :017:

    Then the bus showed up and the bus driver was hesitant to let us on, I ensured him he would be good and quiet. So he let us on, but I kept seeing him eyeing us in the mirror, Louie did as I expected him too, look around, paws on my knee to look out the window and then sit on my foot...

    Anyway got to the Vets and sat in the waiting room, a woman was there with 3 little Chi/x's and one was going mental at Louie, Louie of course stood there like "whats your problem" and the woman apologised.. I was like what for - some dogs just don't like others, I have one at home like that..
    Then another woman came in after they went with a JRT pup held by her child in the pram, the dog spooked as the door made the noise, the child went to grab her and the pup fell on the floor and yelped then hid under the pram.. :009: why would you trust a child with a 12 week old pup in this weather, in a pram?
    Anyway the pup was fine, but I was earwigging in their convo and she was asking the receptionist about the jab deals etc.. then the receptionist said something about spaying "Oh she doesn't need to be spayed because my other dog is neutered" :017: where I would have expected the receptionist to mention something about Pyo? They seem to like to advise on everything else.. anyway obviously she just agreed, then I had to mug the puppy for a sniff of puppy breath :lol:

    Then a gorgeous Pointer x Weim walked in - and I knew that because I met him when he was just 12 weeks old in Pets at Home, he's now 11 months old - still has that purple collar on. He'd had a series of ops, bone lodged in his exit pipes, now he has a cyst on his eye, he'd been neutered the owner said he was told that it would calm him down - I disagreed and told him my opinions - that they grow up much better when left entire - but of course it was too late.. but all in all we had a good conversation :)

    Then our turn in the vets, she had a look at his teeth and asked me what I fed him;

    "Dry or Wet"
    "So wet then"
    "No, raw"
    "Oh as in raw meat"
    "Do you give him anything else raw"
    "Bones, offal - the lot"
    "What bones do you give him"
    "Pork, Lamb, Beef, Chicken (and just to see the shock in her face get a bit greater) he had a pigs head, he has rabbits on a regular basis"
    "Do you brush his teeth"
    "They're in excellent shape, compared to others we've seen"
    "You know bones are dangerous for dogs don't you"
    "Yes but mine are taught to chew"
    "Yes, I freeze them so they has to chew them then defrosted them bit by bit until they are defrosted"
    Then more questions about the raw and the condition Louie is in, she couldn't believe how shiny his coat is and his teeth and his eyes..

    Then at the bus stop a lady said it was so nice to see a dog in a coat, I explained it was only whilst we were standing around doing nothing - and because the stop is outside Morrisons, he was nosing in everybodies bags - they all laughed luckily! He was only trying to get his halter off and they found it funny.
    Then on the bus he was the main attraction; everyone was fussing him, he was trying to look out the window so was stood with his paws on my shoulders looking out.. everyone laughed. And he was so good, I tried to get him to push the button but obviously training on the bus isn't something he is used too :lol:

    Then the kind bus driver remembered me from a previous shopping trip and dropped me off outside my house - I got quite worried when he didn't stop at the stop, then I saw he was slowing down outside my drive - quite creepy but handy :D
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