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Let's start as to why Nutz and Bolt haven't eaten properly. The pair were neutured on 29th October. In post recovery state they ate chicken and tuna & the pouches given to us by the vets on the day of op and Tuesday.

Last Thursday Nutz and Bolt have had their collars taken off and ate normal that night, from Friday we started to let them out and the problem began on Saturday (10th) where they hardly ate anything at all.

I've tried both wet and dry but they're eating little snippets.

Last night we had roast chicken for our tea. That was wolfed down! This morning (4.30) I put in chicken cat food (Aldi) and one plate was empty (7.45).

They went out for 2 hours. Put more roast chicken (10.15) and what's happened???????????????????

they've wolfed it down.

Now I have a dilemma, i don't know any recipes on what to cook for my kitten/cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to encourage a fresh food diet as it will cost us more to feed them
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