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As Sod's Law dictates, after the needle on my boiler hovered just above the low cut-off point all day, the blinking thing fell below it at 7:00 last night :rolleyes: It's a combi (I understand how to fix them, but the council, in their wisdom, have blocked the valve off so I can't get to it, meaning M&M had to suffer a cold night :rolleyes: :( ) Luckily I had a halogen heater in the store cupboard. Guess who got first dibs on it :rolleyes:

Here's Lord Max takling full advantage of the warmth :rolleyes: :D At least he's content :rolleyes:

Luckily Milly isn't too fussed about it and I have my dressing gown on over my day-clothes so it's only my feet that are cold.
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