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For about the last week or so, Flo has had quite loose stools off and on. Sometimes, they are quite normal, but other times, like today, they aren't. When I say 'loose' I don't mean diarrhoea, but they are just a bit mushy and light coloured (sorry for the graphical description!). Today she has been to the toilet three times and it has been the same each time with a little mucus. There are no other symptoms at all, she is still eating ok, not drinking excessively and is still looking for cuddles and attention as usual.

I am all too familiar with lymphoma symptoms, having lost my other baby last week to it and know that this is not the same as he showed upon his diagnosis, any other suggestions as to what has caused it? Could the stress of losing Dennis have any effect? The only other change is that I have given her some James Wellbeloved dry food (she mainly has wet and this hasn't changed), she also has Whiskas dry Senior occasionally which she has had for years. Could it be the JWB? I thought that this was quite a mild food?

Do I need to worry? After losing Den and having gone through the months of heartache caring for him, I may be a little paranoid about these things!
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