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Loose stools in dog.

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Sophie010613, May 21, 2020.

  1. Sophie010613

    Sophie010613 PetForums Newbie

    May 21, 2020
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    Any help would be appreciated here.

    So my dog wasn’t himself a few weeks back, smelling like a metallic and leaking from his bottom which had a fishy odour, after doing research i realised it was his anal glands, after looking at his bottom we noticed a small pea sized lump on the outside of his bottom which alarmed me. So we contacted the vets, they found his anal glands were extremely full and expressed them for him as he was obviously not able to do it himself and they said the lump was more than likely a cyst as after feeling it it wasn’t attached to anything on the inside of the skin and they said they have to be careful when removing lumps in that area as they can’t get good margins. Whilst at the vets they also asked if we knew he had a heart murmur? Obviously we said no. Nothing had ever been picked up before may i add my dog is 7 in 2 weeks. They said it wasn’t very faint but she is sure she hears it and they would grade it 1. My dog had to enter the vets alone due to covid-19 and was very anxious his little heart was going ten to the dozen and i have read that anxiety and stress can be mistaken for a murmur? They have told us to go back in a couple of months for bloods and a biopsy on his lump as at the minute he seems healthy and they are only treating energency cases at the moment. Anyway about a week and a half ago he began having loose stools some were mushy, watery had a mucus around them and a yellow/green sort of colour. I starved him for 24 hours as this has happened before then fed him chicken and potatoes in smaller portions over the course of the day 9,12,3 and 6 etc the next day the same but 3 portions and the following day 2 portions with his biscuits added in this helped and his poos resumed to normal brown logs. I then reintroduced his meat and they became mushy again not really bad but looser. He has been fine throughout not constant diahrea just some over time, he wants to eat, he’s drinking, he wants to go out. We took him for a walk after his loose poos had stopped and he went for a swim, he came home fine but soon after his poos started again this time dark brown, i couldn’t make out if it was blood i hear blood in poo is black? These were loose but over the period of the day they became more of a rich brown colour still mushy not as loose. He then threw up a huge pile of grass a day or so later. His poos returned to normal as i put him back on chicken and potatoes, i also read that to help with bowel issues greek yoghurt is a natural pro biotic so i have been giving him a dollop of that, then just now at 5pm he has had 1 normal poo followed by 4 mushy yellow/green poos? Again he seems fine. I’ve come here as calling the vets i find i’m having to prove he is poorly as they really don’t want to see anyone they don’t have to also he is fine just mushy poos? Is it because i’m changing his food should i just give him his normal food and ride out the poos? Also may i add the last 2 weeks the weather has become hotter and he is known to have loose poos in the summer but with everything thats gone on in the last 4 weeks am i just being over worried? Please help.
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