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Hi all.
My 7.5 year springer spaniel looks like he has a UTI again, this will be the second time in 3 months. He's started leaking watery bright reddy pink blood from his man bits again this afternoon. I gave him some Metacam that we had left from the last time. He was fine on his walk running around like he normally does. Does not having any problem peeing, he watered every tree, lamp post and wall that he could.:)

He is un neutered could this be a reason why he's had 2 UTI's close together?
Has he ever been checked for crystals or stones in the urinary tract I think they can cause these symptoms and also they can I think be prone to UTIs

Think what you are thinking of uneutering wise can be prostrate problems the prostrate can get enlarged or you can get infection and inflammation, neither or which are sinister but can be a problem in older uneutered males. I think that can cause blood in the urine and discharge and more frequent peeing too.

Sometimes though they can just get persistent urinary tract infections, some need specific antibiotics to clear it up or a longer course, so it could be that they never got rid of the infection completely last time and its re-occured its not that uncommon.
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