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Limp Legged Beardie

Discussion in 'Lizards' started by Mart P, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Mart P

    Mart P PetForums Newbie

    Jun 27, 2018
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    Hi all. I have a two year old Male Beardie who has recently begun to struggle with the use of one of his back legs causing all manner of mobility and climbing issues. It can vary in laimness through out the day. This has been noticed over the last week. My first thoughts were on possible MBD, so had him assessed by a vet today. A general examination revealed nothing obvious with good hydration, weight, eyes etc. X rays revealed perfectly fine bone density and bone structure with no visible indication of MBD. Musculature of the hind limbs was observed as good also with no muscle wastage. There was also no sign of injury or trauma. There has been a period at the beginning of this year where he did go off his food for a couple of months turning away daily offerings of live food, and greens and probably not getting his calcium intake but remained active through out. ( i would assume some level of brummation) His appetite has returned and seems generally ok in himself aside from this limb. The vet is completely lost on this one! As good as it is to know they have not diagnosed MBD its quite frustrating to know that i have spent a fair wad of cash on an x ray that has revealed nothing. Any ideas anyone?? I'm happy to post the x ray if needed. Thanks. Pace.
  2. cat001

    cat001 PetForums VIP

    Apr 12, 2008
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    At least you know that nothing physical is to blame, but if nothing is physically wrong then I could only assume it's a neurological issue. I know in humans, spontaneous loss of limb control is not unheard of, my uni lecturer lost the ability to walk one day, she just stood up and collapsed back down. Took her months to start walking again and no cause was ever found.

    I don't know if something similar may be happening to your Beardie but might be something to keep in mind. I can only think to see if there's any sort of physio you can do with him and to just monitor his condition. Sorry I can't be any more help but I hope he gets better soon!
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