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Leopard gecko regenerated fat tail has suddenly got thin...

Discussion in 'Lizards' started by punkpixie, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. punkpixie

    punkpixie PetForums Junior

    Apr 18, 2011
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    Hi all!

    Hopefully there isn't already a thread out there about this, apologies if there is.

    I've had my rescued leo for 12 years, he has had a regenerated fat tail since I rescued him (I assume he dropped his tail back when he was bred / in a shop). A couple of days ago I noticed his tail has suddenly shrunk in width! This has never happened before and in all honesty I can't say how 'suddenly' it has actually happened as perhaps I didn't notice it was gradual but it certainly shocked me when I noticed.

    Obviously a little concerned, my partner had a google and found answers such as 'his food might have passed him worms' - is this really possible from a very reputable livefoods supplier? I have been trying different crickets on him recently. 'he is using his stored fat' - but why now? as I said this has never happened before even during periods where I haven't been able to get him food for a few days. 'my gecko's tail goes fat and thin all the time it's perfectly normal' - not for my gecko...

    I have started collecting his poo just incase I need to take it to a vet for testing for worms. I wanted to see what other leo owners experiences are? Before I run to a vet who is gonna charge me who knows what for the pleasure of looking at his poo.

    For reference: I got him silent crickets early May which were fed to him while I was away so assume they were fine, brown crickets mid May but they were a bit too big and a lot died in the london 'heatwave', then whatever type pets at home sells, and then I got him black crickets a week ago which are much much smaller so he seems to be constantly on the hunt but I think that's just cos he needs to eat 2/3 for every 1 of his usual size. He used to eat locusts but I switched back to crickets this year as you get more for your money. And the reason for trying them all is because I buy online and it can be hard to picture the size so was trying to find the right ones and then will stick with them.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!
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