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Leopard Gecko - needs a new home

Discussion in 'Reptile Classifieds' started by morrisons91, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. morrisons91

    morrisons91 PetForums Newbie

    Aug 23, 2013
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    I'm very sorry to say that Jeff (female) our beloved leopard gecko needs to be rehomed due to moving home.

    We rescued her a few months ago from a young boy who could not take care of her properly and as such she does have some battle scars, her husbandry was completely wrong and so Jeff suffered from very bad stuck shed and malnutrition.

    We took her straight to the vet and she was prescribed with painkillers after the vet had to remove all stuck shed on her toes. She was clear of any parasites etc.

    Unfortunately for Jeff she lost some toes and the tips of others. This has now healed quite well but obviously she will never have these toes again. We then had to force feed her to get her back up to weight as she was pretty skinny.

    She recovered well, and has been fine for a couple of months now.

    We're now moving home though and cannot take her with us and so we are looking for a very caring and experianced reptile owner to take her on as she she needs more care than I guess a 100% healthy leo would need. And she will need a patient owner to resocialise her as she did not like being force fed through her recovery.

    She also has issues shedding so needs an experienced reptile owner to help her through any bad sheds that she has.

    If anyone can rehome Jeff please get in contact ASAP, we have a 3ft enclosure and all of her bits including substrate, heat mat, nightglo bulb & holder, wet hides, dry hides, decorations some shop bought some home made, food bowls, calcium powder, nutrobal, cleaning equipment, scales, recovery food etc.

    please send a private mail if you can take jeff on :)


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