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Latest on stray cat

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by buzzmaster, May 16, 2010.

  1. buzzmaster

    buzzmaster PetForums Member

    Dec 17, 2009
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    Well been a while so thought update was overdue :) it is rather long this so please bear with me :)

    Stray cat now settling into the house so looks like she with us to stay :) we took her to the vets and she was micro-chipped have to say at that point i was happy for her but at same time upset, but turned out she was registered on petlog as cats protection at gueisley (Leeds) but was to late to ring them at 6pm so the vets told me they would contact them next day and call me back as could be that new owners not update petlog.

    CPL rang me next day and lady aware of stray female seems in our local area about 3 months back they had numerous calls re stray cats/kittens so in conjunction with Leeds Council and RSPA and themselves caught as many strays as they could and took them away had them micro chipped/vaccinated/blood tests/neutered the whole MOT the stray female had already had 2 lots of kittens and therefore they had to return her to the area as they needed to locate the kittens, some of the kittens they did catch and neuter etc but not all of them, so this lovely stray female cat is about 2yrs old neutered etc and survived 2 very severe winters outside and hey suspect she also had a 3rd litter of kitten before they neutered her :(

    Seems and old lady only about 6 doors away from me was feeding her and the lady's care helper also feeding her but sadly the woman dies few weeks back which ties in with when she suddenly arrived inthe back garden.

    We have had some trauma with out little kitty he did his jobs on wool carpet after female laid on it and then decided to wee on double bed in spare room after speaking to lady at cats rescue she advised stress due to another cat and suggested bachs herbal drops which i have been using and if this does not help my kitty then she will look at taking stray cat but so far so good (but have been keeping kitty out of bedrooms prevention better than the cure) and all seems well at moment.

    Daughter has named female stray Milly and she is so sweet and loving but still rather timid also she shedding hair by handful and will allow me to brush her but after 5mins gets agitated as probably not used to this so seems approach is softly softly at the moment, she does go out but tends to stay within the back garden but now and then disappears but i suspect that she has her daughters/sons nearby as i have seen one about 10months that double of her and lady at CPL advised sounds like one of the daughters that not neutered and if i can catch her they will take her for full health check and neutering.

    So that the story so far but she is no trouble unlike my kitty he torments her and sometimes she has enough and sits at door wanting to escape him playing with her tail, at times she does hiss at him am i right in assuming this is normal???? So all looking good here apart from now kitty bringing more cats and other day one came in and caught him eating leftover food OH said no more and calling me catwoman :thumbup:

    Any feedback/suggestions re kitty always wanting to play etc would be welcome
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